About us

Julie Kissick, the artist behind the pieces, fell in love with lampworking in Invermere B.C. in 2005. Julie was already working with women in the prison, on the streets, and out of treatment and saw the potential to help the women through creative arts, but also to raise funds for their immediate and long term needs. Funds to help with their recovery, and their new lives. Through the jewelry sales, rent is paid, bus tickets home, glasses, backpacks, treatment, whatever the need.  There is a lot of need. Our tagline is “women helping women” and that is what you will do every time you purchase jewelry from this site.

The jewelry itself is made of semi-precious stones, silver, Swarovski crystals and of course, lamp work beads. Lampworking is a process of melting various glasses with a 1500 degree torch, and by adding different elements, the beauty of the glass is revealed. All the beads are annealed in a kiln for strength and endurance. Every piece different, and unique.

There will also be some pieces that have been made by the women themselves, as Julie has 3 torches in the studio. The women can come in and make something for themselves, simple but beautiful. It is a very positive experience for them, in a sea of negativity, and a first step to finding the beauty within themselves.

Our Vision

Eventually, we would like to open a women’s home with a store in the front. This would allow us to bring in women who have nowhere else to go, and a desire to move forward in their lives. We can teach them basic life skills, continuing education and job experience in the store front, as well as putting creative minds to work making the jewelry. It’s through your purchases that we will be able to realize that dream.